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Nurses' Scrub

Đồng phục điều dưỡng


Unlike personnel of other fields, doctors, nurses and paramedics working in hospitals have to keep covers clean, dry and highly bactericidal so as to protect themselves, their patients, and people they interact with on a daily basis. Therefore their uniforms must also be designed with textures and fabrics to specifically aid these properties. With this in mind, our design team never stops researching and innovating to decide on just the best textures and styles so we can source premium-quality medical uniform products for hospitals, labs, clinics, medical institutions,… nation-wide.

At ANMAC VIETNAM, you will find the source for your medical uniform products at any desired quality, as we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing uniforms for hospitals, clinics, labs,.. at international standards, from durable materials with great bactericidal properties, all at extremely attractive prices.


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