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Table Linen

Napkin/ Table Linen

Napkin/ table linen is indispesable in decoring parties at restaurants/hotels or at big events. 

Napkin/ Table Linen lights up the space in restaurants and hotels

Not only do Napkins/ Table Linens light up the space in restarants and hotels, they also stimulate the appetite of the parties' attenders. Different designs of napkins/ linens bring back different styles for the restaurant space, which warm up the vibe of the party,


Therefore, choosing the right napkins and linens that match with the style of the restaurant or hotel is very important.


ANMAC proudly presents you our designs of napkins and table linens. The pros of these products are that they are waterproof, hard to be creased, not easily to be worn, etc. ANMAC will help you to save your money, time and human resources in taking care of the napkins and linens after parties.

The designs will make the restaurant/ hotel look more elegant.

Contact us now to have the best advisory for napkins and table linens. We garantee the products'  quality and price.


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