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For Clean Rooms

Clean room uniforms

ANMAC clean room uniform with durable seams ensuring safety factor at highly attractive pr high reliability. Designed to be suitable for enclosed workplace safety and food hygiene.

Protective workwear's durability depends much on the fabrisc and the thread. Requirements for protective workwear for workers in food industry must fit the closed environment of the workplace safety and food hygiene. ANMAC Vietnam, with many years of experience in the industry, always advise customers to choose the best design to meet standard criteria. Enterprises should consider fabrics, colors, prints and embroidered logo to the appropriate pricing of funds and company culture.
Protective workwear entering cleanroom for food processing should be airy, convenient. It must ensures the safety and productivity in production of enterprises. Clothes, hoods, gloves, masks, safety shoes are essential to every business in the processing industry.

At ANMAC, you will find various designs in premium materials that will surely satisfy your needs.


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